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Ultrasound (US) Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a treatment used to relieve pain and to promote tissue healing. It helps reduce your pain, swelling, and loosening hard/scar tissue if you have any of the following: osteoarthritis, myofascial pain syndrome, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain caused by scar tissue, sprains and strains.

How is Ultrasound Therapy performed?

Your physiotherapist, at “BetterLife Physiotherapy”, may add the ultrasound (US) Therapy to your treatment plan if needed and appropriate. That is after discussing the benefits, risks and therapeutic effect of the US beforehand. Following your consent, your physiotherapist will select a small surface area to work on. A gel is applied either to the transducer head or to your skin, which helps the sound waves of the ultrasound machine evenly penetrate the skin. During your ultrasound therapy treatment, your physiotherapist will continually move the transducer head over and around the selected area to be treated.

Will I feel anything while the Ultrasound Therapy applied on me?

Some people feel a mild pulsing during ultrasound therapy, while others may feel a slight warmth in the skin. However, you may feel nothing at all, apart from the cold gel on your skin. Ultrasound therapy, however, should not be painful.