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Therapeutic Exercise (Manual Exercise Therapy)

Therapeutic exercise is a great way to restore function and live an active style life. Therapeutic exercises provide a multitude of benefits for anyone wishing to restore their strength, endurance, flexibility, or stability. In fact, physiotherapy therapeutic exercises could be used to manage pain, injury, or movement restrictions.
Manual Exercise Therapy is a key component in many physiotherapy treatment plans because it proactively helps to restore normal muscle function and control. It is an important part of our clinical approach, at “BetterLife Physiotherapy”, to help you move more easily, feel less pain, get stronger and be healthier (restoring strength,
endurance, flexibility, stability and balance).

How can Therapeutic Exercise help in relieving pain?

It is considered a vicious circle sometimes, when someone due to pain tends to avoid moving the painful body segment, which results in more motion restriction and subsequently more pain with regular daily activities. It is a common misconception that one should constantly rest when they are in pain, unless it’s a doctor’s order for sure.
However, this can actually cause your muscles to weaken during the healing process, which can lead to decreased functionality and more pain in the long run.
Our physiotherapists, at “BetterLife Physiotherapy”, will design a graduated targeting therapeutic exercises treatment program aiming to improve range of motion, increase muscle strength and restore function.

There are a wide variety of Therapeutic Exercises and each one has a unique purpose. These include:

1 – Muscle strengthening Exercises
Increasing strength, endurance, and muscle integrity are vital to get good balance and stability, as well as bone and joint health. Graduated resistance and edurance exercises are designed to increase muscle strength without injury.

2 – Balance & Coordination Exercises
We need to keep our balance in all of our daily activities, but imagine every single movement requires good balance. For example, if you reach out to pick up something, you need adequate coordination between your back, core, arms and to keep balance to perform the task. Therefore balance and coordination exercises, most of the time, are included in your home or in clinic exercises programs. We start from simple tasks, progressing to standing on a wobble board or therapeutic ball to reach a good level of balance as single leg exercises and BOSU rehabilitation exercises.

3 – Postural Correction Exercises
With the new norm of working from home for long hours with the concurrent circumstances, poor posture due to slouching has prevailed. At “Better Life Physiotherapy”, we can assess your posture, detect any mal alignment or poor sitting and standing postures. We start with figuring-out the main source of pain related to your posture, then build up a graduated therapeutic exercises program aiming to correct posture, stretch tight muscles due to slouched positions assumed and strengthen your weak/over stretched muscles. We also give education about how to assume good posture and how to correct your desk, chair to be ergonomically well adjusted.

4 – Range of Motion, Stretching and mobilization Exercises
These exercises are aimed at increasing the range of motion in your joints and soft tissues. This may be done through active, passive, or assisted stretching activities designed to help your joints move better, without pain.