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BetterLife’s Approach to Physiotherapy

  • At BetterLife Physiotherapy we are keen on applying a unique approach to provide our physiotherapy and rehabilitative services. We believe that the path to excellent patient outcomes begins with a model that maximizes direct, 1-on-1 care with the physiotherapist.
  • While there are many great techniques to achieve the patient’s goals, there is no substitution for time and critical analysis. Understanding the “how’s” and the “why’s” requires time and education to develop an effective and sustainable plan of care.
  • At BetterLife Physiotherapy clinic, our physiotherapy services are provided by Independent Registered/Licensed Physiotherapists. They are highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists (Over 20 years of clinical experience).
  • Our registered physiotherapists provide the “Top Quality Physiotherapy Services” with special focus on the “One-On-One Client Centered Care Physiotherapy Approach” and a wide variety of “Manual (Hands-On) Physiotherapy Techniques”.
  • At BetterLife Physiotherapy our physiotherapists can provide services that are thoughtful and solve our patients’ problems which result from their injuries/disorders. Our ultimate goal is to make every patient encounter meaningful and valuable, progressing the patient’s life in a positive direction towards a “BETTER LIFE”.
  • At BetterLife Physiotherapy clinic, we provide Individualized/Customized Physiotherapy Treatment Plans and Personalized Rehabilitation Programs.
  • The clinic is fully equipped with the “Top Line and highly advanced Physiotherapy machines and tools”.
  • Out-patient Physiotherapy can take many forms and no two patients are ever the same. BetterLife Physiotherapy offers a series of treatment programs and services, aside from traditional physiotherapy, to treat patients of all diagnosis, lifestyles, and goals.
  • Our physiotherapy services cover: Motor Vehicle Accidents via Auto Insurance (MVA Claims), Workplace-related Injuries (WSIB), and Extended Health Insurance Plans.
  • Insurance Coverage and Direct Billing: Our physiotherapy services are covered by most extended health benefit plans. For your convenience, we are able to directly bill most insurance companies.
  • No doctor referral is necessary to participate in physiotherapy treatment: However, patients are advised to check details of their extended health benefits, as some plans require a physician’s referral in order to get treatment costs reimbursed.
  • At BetterLife Physiotherapy clinic, we believe in educating our patients as well, so that they can take an active role in their recovery.
  • We provide Home Care Physiotherapy Visits.
  • Virtual/Telehealth Physiotherapy Services are available.

Physiotherapy Assessment Visit

The patient’s first visit is an uninterrupted one-hour appointment.

When coming to BetterLife Physiotherapy Clinic for the First Time, please bring the following:

  • Your private insurance card / information (if available)
  • If not completed online, feel free to complete the initial forms at the clinic
  • A copy of your referral, x-ray/MRI report, … etc (if available).
  • And most importantly, your smile!

Also, please consider the following regarding your First Visit to Betterlife Physiotherapy Clinic:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first appointment.
  • If you are coming for an assessment/treatment of your hip or knee, please bring a comfortable pair of shorts that you  can change into before the assessment/treatment.
  • Our front desk coordinators will be happy to help you with the initial paperwork regarding intake form, health questionnaire, insurance documents, …etc.
  • One of our physiotherapists will guide you to your assessment/treatment partition/room. They will start, after an informed consent and explanation, a thorough assessment and examination of your condition. Your physiotherapist will ask about: your chief complaint, current medical history such as any injury/fall, pain, functional limitations, and your past health history. Then, they will apply the relevant methods, tests, and tools to measure and evaluate your motion, muscle strength, functional activities, and many more items relevant to your injury/pain …. etc. Please, feel free to let your physiotherapist know about anything that hurts or bothers you during the assessment/treatment. Also, please do not hesitate to ask questions and have an open communication with your physiotherapist who will be happy to answer all your inquiries for better understanding. Your physiotherapist will analyze all the collected data and information.
  • After finishing the assessment, your physiotherapist will use illustrations, posters and/or anatomical models to provide you with detailed education and explanation of the anatomical structure and the mechanism of injury of the area to be treated. Also, they will give you detailed idea about their recommendation regarding your individualized/customized physiotherapy plan of treatment based on the assessment done which provides solutions with alternative methods and modalities of physiotherapy.
  • In addition, with consent, your physiotherapist will provide you with the initial treatment session and will teach you the relevant therapeutic exercise program. Also, they will email you with specific videos concerning your home exercise program from our clinic’s exercise software program and/or print out these exercises for you.
  • After finishing, your physiotherapist will recommend and discuss with you the approximate number of physiotherapy sessions required. Also, they will guide you back to our clinic’s front desk in order to schedule for the next appointment(s).
  • With your consent, your physiotherapist will prepare and send an initial physiotherapy assessment report to your referring physician or any other medical professional you choose.

Physiotherapy Treatment (Follow-up) Visit

  • The patient’s treatment (follow-up) visit is an uninterrupted 45-60 minutes appointment.
  • Your physiotherapist will start by getting your feedback after the last treatment visit regarding the improvement/change you achieved. In addition, your physiotherapist may apply some quick relevant screening and measurement procedures to realize the difference concerning your condition compared to the last treatment visit.
  • Afterwards, your physiotherapist will start to go through applying the treatment protocol based on the recent/updated evaluation. Your physiotherapist will alternate using and applying the different lines, methods, and modalities of your individualized/customized plan of treatment, with your informed consent, to achieve the improvement required and your treatment goals as well.
  • Also, your physiotherapist may change one or more of your home exercise program to be more convenient to the treatment progression. Then, they will email you with the specific videos concerning your updated home exercise program from our clinic’s exercise software program and/or print out these exercises for you.
  • After finishing, your physiotherapist will guide you back to our clinic’s front desk in order to schedule for the next appointment(s).
  • With your consent, your physiotherapist will prepare and send a physiotherapy progress report, when needed, to your referring physician or any other medical professional you choose. Also, at the end of your physiotherapy treatment course, your physiotherapist will prepare and send a physiotherapy discharge/final report to your referring physician or any other medical professional you choose.

  • To assure the top quality of physiotherapy care and services provided for our patients at “Betterlife Physiotherapy” clinic, we are keen on considering the following:
  • Our registered physiotherapists do not use assistants and do not double or triple book their schedules.
  • Our assessment and treatment durations are longer than industry standards because we believe that spending quality time with our patients will ultimately result in a faster recovery.

Insurance Information

Free Direct Billing Service (e-Claim)

At “Betterlife Physiotherapy”, our facility and physiotherapists are registered with a web-based system and multiple on-line platforms which allow us to submit claims electronically (direct billing) and get instant responses from insurers. We delight our patients by providing them with the free service of submitting e-claims (direct billing) on their behalf to their health insurers. That helps saving our clients’ time, effort and reducing their out-of-pocket expenses. For your convenience, we are able to e-claim/directly bill most insurance companies. Please, contact us at (343) 200-4004 to learn more information about our services charges, payment details and to make sure that we are able to bill/directly bill your specific health insurance plan and that our Free Direct Billing Service (e-Claim) is supported by your insurers.

Accepted Health Insurance plans / Insurers by our Office

At “Betterlife Physiotherapy”, we accept the vast majority of the different health insurance plans. Our physiotherapy services are covered by most health insurers/extended health care/benefit plans (EHC). We’ve included most of the major health insurance plans/participating insurers we’re in-network with; however, this isn’t an all-inclusive list.
Please call us at (343) 200-4004 to verify other health insurance plans/insurers we accept and to check with our team that we are able to bill/directly bill your specific health plan.

  • Sun Life (PSHCP)
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Green Shield Canada (gsc)
  • SSQ insurance
  • “Empire Life” Insurance Company
  • Medic Construction – CCQ
  • Blue Cross
  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • Medavie Blue Cross
  • Blue Cross (Canadian Armed Forces “CAF”)
  • Blue Cross (Royal Canadian Mounted Police “RCMP”)
  • Blue Cross (Veterans Affair Canada “VAC”)
  • Canada Life (Great West Life)
  • Manulife Financial – Insurance Company
  • Manulife Financial Corporation – OTIP
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • La Capitale / Beneva
  • BPA “Financial Group” (Benefit plan administrators)
  • Canadian Construction Workers Union (C.C.W.U.)
  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance “Johnston Group”
  • CINUP “Johnston Group”
  • ClaimSecure
  • Cowan “Express Scripts Canada”
  • Coughlin & Associates Ltd.
  • D.A. Townley
  • First Canadian “Johnston Group” – Insurance Corporation
  • GMS (Carrier 49) “Express Scripts Canada”
  • GMS (Carrier 50) “Express Scripts Canada”
  • Group Source
  • Group Health – Benefit Solutions
  • Industrial Alliance (iA Financial Group)
  • Johnson Insurance Inc. – “Express Scripts Canada”
  • Johnston Group Inc.(jg)
  • LiUNA Local 183
  • LiUNA Local 506
  • Manion
  • Maximum Benefits “Johnston Group”
  • People Corporation
  • RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.
  • TELUS AdjudiCare
  • Union Benefits
  • UV Insurance
  • Equitable Life of Canada – Insurance Company

Disclaimer: While this is an extensive list, health plans do change on a regular basis without prior notification. We recommend that you check with your insurer/health plan to clarify what physiotherapy benefits are available to you.

Regarding the health insurance programs/plans of Blue Cross, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)/National Defense, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), our facility and physiotherapists are registered with “Medavie Blue Cross”. That allows us to handle the relevant forms/paperwork required and to directly bill the fee of your physiotherapy treatment/services you received at our clinic from Blue Cross.

Regarding Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) conditions, our facility and physiotherapists are registered with the “Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI)”. That gets us direct access to communicate with your case adjuster inorder to arrange for your physiotherapy assessment, treatment plan, and follow-up treatment sessions, relevant forms/paperwork required, and the portion of your physiotherapy treatment fee which your car insurance is supposed to cover.

Regarding Workplace Injuries (conditions covered by WSIB), our office enhances the service for clients with workplace injuries by streamlining communications with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. With our electronic WSIB services platform, we can help our clients to focus on their health, physiotherapy plan, treatment sessions and recovery. That is by using a streamlined billing approach on their behalf and electronically submitting the relevant WSIB forms, reports and paperwork required.

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