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Home Exercise Programs (HEP)

Exercise prescriptions are individualized to each client and will vary in these general exercise principles:

a) The main category of exercise
b) The intensity of exercise
c) The duration of exercise
d) The frequency of exercise
e) The rate of exercises
f) The progression of the patient’s physical activity

Different categories of exercise may include aerobic exercise to improve cardiopulmonary fitness and strengthening exercise to improve strength and control. Exercise may also be prescribed to improve muscle activation, flexibility, agility, proprioception, and much more.

At “BetterLife Physiotherapy”, after teaching our patients the relevant exercises required to be done at home as a HEP, we provide them with a hard copy (print-out) and/or soft copy (videos) of these exercises via email and/or SMS. Our physiotherapists will start with teaching you the basic level of these exercises throughout the initial treatment sessions. Then will move gradually to the advanced level of the exercises according to your improvement and feedback with each session.