BetterLife Physio

Geriatric/Seniors Conditions

  • Balance disorders
  • Gait disorders
  • ADL dysfunctions
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological disorders
  • Joint replacement
  • Incontinence

Role of Physiotherapy in Geriatrics/Seniors conditions:

    1- Hands-on/Manual therapy Techniques: aiming to decrease pain, improve circulation, joints mobility, and soft tissue flexibility.

    2- Therapeutic Exercise/Manual exercise therapy: your physiotherapist at “BetterLife Physiotherapy” will prescribe and teach you customized exercises relevant to your condition aiming to help in improving daily activities, endurance, muscle strength, coordination, balance and gait pattern. Also, to help in decreasing the risk of falling, increasing their overall mobility.

    3- Education: your physiotherapist at BetterLife Physiotherapy” will provide and teach you the essential and relevant information regarding the safety measures to improve your balance and gait pattern and to perform your regular daily activities, the proper ways to use the assistive devices if needed, and the precautions to prevent and avoid further injuries.