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At “BetterLife Physiotherapy”, we will apply the relevant physiotherapy assessment to detect which joints are stiff and painful, and will create the proper physiotherapy treatment plan which will be beneficial in helping pain relief for arthritis during everyday activities.

Types of Arthritis

1- Rheumatoid Arthritis (inflammatory arthritis)

It develops more in females than in males as an auto-immune condition, it is common for it to affect the same joints on different sides of the body. Accompanied with soreness around joints, which is worse after prolonged sitting, standing, or inactivity. Pain can get worse when you move, like when you bend your knees. Arthritis can also cause pain when you exercise or work, and the pain may go away after you stop doing that activity.

2- Osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis)

Due to that the cartilage of the joint wears down, either due to age or overuse. It results in joint pain and inflammation. It can be caused by a sudden injury to the joint, or it can develop after a previous injury has fully healed. Being overweight may also increase the risk for developing osteoarthritis, as additional strain is being put on your knee and hip joints.

Physiotherapy Management
Physiotherapy helps by restoring the normal motion of your joints, improving the strength of supporting muscles, and improving the way you walk, run, bend, and move. Our physiotherapists will teach you ways to prevent future joint injury, and what you can do on your own with the correct therapeutic exercises.